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People & Solutions, Do-It-Yourself TrainingDo It Yourself...
Train Your Own People!

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City/County Governments School Nutrition Utility Cooperatives School Transportation Administrative/Office Supervisors

People & Solutions, Inc. gives you the opportunity to provide effective workshops, without paying a consultant to facilitate, or having to spend valuable time to design and implement course materials.

Your "Train Your Own People" CD Package will include:
bulletA professional Power Point presentation
bulletHandout masters
bulletFacilitation notes, to help master your presentation quickly and easily
bulletUnlimited telephone support from Gene and Pat Bishop

These are the same workshops and seminars that have been requested over and over again, and that have proven successful for you as provided by People & Solutions, Inc. for the past 28 years.

Updated Enjoyable - Effective

These interactive workshops use group, team, and individual exercises as well as hands-on participation and personal action plans designed to maximize retention and enhance effectiveness.
bullet1 hr. Versions = $599.00
bullet3 hr. Versions = $999.00

Note: Rights to use these training packages will be restricted for use by your organization only.

"If you have budget or time constraints, do what I did. I used a professional program from a trusted training consulting company People & Solutions. Inc. They now offer their workshops and seminars in a do-it yourself version that is budget friendly and extremely effective, easy to facilitate, and my folks really enjoyed them and learned from them."

Judy Hogg, Nutrition Director, Henry Co. Schools, Ga

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We have been in business since 1986. We have the experience and the knowledge to help you maximize your most valuable asset, YOUR PEOPLE.



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Maximizing Your Most Valuable Asset People! 

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